The experience

The Scarlet Walk

Each home football Saturday, the Scarlet Knights arrive via bus ride to the corner of Scarlet Knight Way and Sutphen Road 2.5 hours prior to kickoff. The bus ride is broadcasted to a state-of-the-art, 450-square foot LED Marquee that towers over the corner at 30 feet tall.

Coach leads the team through a sea of Scarlet, as fans, cheerleaders and band members line “The Scarlet Walk.” Each player and coach walks past “The First Game” statue, touching it as they pass. The statue represents Rutgers’ status as “The Birthplace of College Football.”

Pre-game Festivities

Part of the lore of a Rutgers Football Gameday is taking part in the pre-game festivities outside the North side of the stadium. Scarlet Knight Way is lined with iconic New Jersey food trucks. There’s something so special about enjoying a famous “Fat Sandwich” on a brisk Fall Saturday as the Rutgers drumline marches by.

The Block R Party presented by Miller Lite brings fans of all ages together for a festive pregame celebration of Rutgers Football. The area features live music, a beer garden, contests, terrific food options, a Kids Zone and more.

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The Band

As the legendary cannon crew fires their first shot of the day 20 minutes prior to kickoff, The Pride of New Jersey – The Marching Scarlet Knights – take the field. Lead by director Todd Nichols, the band performs traditional Rutgers tunes with a New Jersey twist.

The Horse

Following the band’s performance, fans are treated to a special video, which showcases our Knight on Horseback galloping by iconic spots on the Rutgers campus. After the video, the Knight on Horseback charges onto the field to the roar of the crowd. Coach and the Scarlet Knights take the field shortly after.

The Knight Pulse

The Knight Pulse tradition was born in 2015. The fan hype video features the song “The Hum” by Dimitri Vega. Rutgers players and fans pound their chests and chant in unison to the high-energy song as the student section bounces and the stadium rocks right before kickoff. The Knight Pulse is also featured in big moments in-game.


In New Jersey, we’re just a bit louder than the average fan base. Rutgers fans are known to belt out tunes in unison such as Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” or Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” in key moments of the game.

The Fight Song

“The Bells Must Ring” plays after every Scarlet Knight touchdown. The fight song features a verse that Rutgers fans chant in unison, before the R-U chant takes over the entire stadium.

R-U Rah Rah, R-U Rah Rah, Whoo-Rah, Whoo-Rah, Rutgers Rah! Upstream Red Team! Red Team Upstream! Rah, Rah, Rutgers Rah!

Third Down

When the Scarlet Knight defense is on the field on third down, SHI Stadium’s volume level soars. Fans act as one, partaking in the famous Third Down tradition, which features “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica. All fans mimic the motion of playing an air guitar, before belting out “Let’s Go Knights!”

Alma Mater

Win or lose, the Rutgers Marching Band performs the Alma Mater with the team and fans. The song represents sticking together through good times and bad, On the Banks of the Old Raritan.

From far and near we came to Rutgers, And resolved to learn all that we can; And so we settled down, In that noisy college town, On the banks of the old Raritan.

Refrain: On the banks of the old Raritan (my friends) Where old Rutgers evermore shall stand, For has she not stood Since the time of the flood, On the banks of the old Raritan.

Then sing aloud to Alma Mater And keep the scarlet in the van’ For with her motto high Rutgers’ name shall never die On the banks of the old Raritan.