The opportunity to purchase Rutgers Football season parking passes on Busch Campus is an exclusive benefit reserved for Rutgers Football season ticket holders. Access to parking lots are based off of three levels of qualification:

1. 1 parking pass may be purchased per 4 season tickets
2. Meet the Priority Point Minimum for requested lot
3. Meet Annual Athletic Gift Minimum for requested lot

How do I purchase full season parking if I had parking in the 2019 season?

2020 football season parking lot assignment is a renewable item as part of your season ticket package.  You will have the opportunity to renew your parking lot location for 2020.  To renew, you must meet the minimum priority point level (shown in the chart above) for the specified lot at the time of renewal.  The minimum annual athletic gift is not required to be made prior to renewal – however it must be made by June 30, 2020 (2020 Priority Point Deadline). 

Any accounts that did not meet the minimum athletic gift requirements will be notified following the June 30th deadline.  At that time, if the account does not meet the requirements needed for that lot the pass will be relocated to the next lot of qualification. 

If you renew by phone, your personal account representative will be able to confirm everything in your account.  If you renew through your online renewal form, your account representative will review all your qualifications with you within a few days of completing your online renewal form. 

How do I purchase full season parking if I did not have parking in 2019?

All season ticket holders will have access to season parking on Busch campus.  If you did not have parking during the 2019 please speak with your account representative or call the Ticket Sales Office at 866-445-GORU (4678).  When speaking with your account representative, they will review your priority points and minimum athletic gift to see what parking lots you are eligible to purchase.  For new parking buyers, you must fulfill the minimum priority point and annual athletic gift requirements at the time of purchase.

If you have purchased parking online, you have not been assigned to a parking lot just yet.  Roughly 24 hours after purchase an account representative will contact you help assign your parking lot location. 

What if I need ADA accessible parking?

No problem!  Contact your personal account representative and they will be able to assist moving you to an ADA accessible parking lot.  Please send a picture or copy of your ADA placard to be added to your account.  If you have provided a placard in the past, then you will be all set.  ADA parking is available in Scarlet, White, Blue, Purple and Black lots on Busch Campus along with the RAC.

Rutgers Athletics provides a nightingale service that will pick up and drop off fans before and after the game from Blue, Purple, Black and Silver lots. 

If I am a season ticket holder, can I purchase individual game parking?

Yes!  New for the 2020 season, season ticket holders have the exclusive opportunity to purchase single game parking.  Beginning August 15th, 2020 – season ticket holders may request to purchase additional parking pass in the lots that they qualified for on a season basis.  Season ticket holders may purchase a maximum of 2 additional parking passes for up to 3 additional games.  All single game parking add-ons are all based upon availability.  Season ticket holders will be the only group that will be able to purchase additional parking on Busch Campus. 

Single Game Pricing (Available ONLY to Season Ticket Holders)