Exclusive Benefits for Rutgers Wrestling Season Ticket Holders

Complimentary Tickets (2) for Wrestling Match at The RAC
More details later this fall!

Complimentary Tickets
Adidas.com discounts
Banner with your name on it at The RAC

Offering unused ticket redemption match – more details later this winter!

Unused Ticket Redemption
Concession Loyalty Card
Merchandise Discount
Mobile ticket delivery

Bring the family and friends down onto the court for a time and date TBD for a photo.

On-Mat Photo Opportunity
Special Access to Preseason Practice

Season Ticket Holder of the Match

Chance to be honored on the mat before a match

Season Ticket Holders get first access to all postseason tournament ticket

Exclusive preseason single game match ticket sale

$25 Processing Fee on purchases prior to May 22 are waived! Mailing charges still apply. Save $25!

No Processing Fee on Season Ticket Purchases Prior to May 22

1st Installment – 25% upon renewal
2nd Installment – 25% on Tuesday, July 31
3rd Installment – 25% on Friday, August 31
Final Installment – Friday, September 28

4 Installment Payment Plan

High Five Tunnel, Matside Seats, or your very own Post-Game Team Meet and Greet! Scarlet Memories are coming to The RAC this fall for Season Ticket Holders.

Scarlet Memories Opportunities