Gameday Experience


The Rutgers Athletic Center, or The RAC as it’s often called, is home to the Rutgers men’s and women’s basketball and wrestling programs, and also hosts some gymnastics and various other events. Opened in 1977, the RAC is one of the great arenas in the nation to watch college wrestling. The fans are right on top of the action. It’s also the perfect-sized venue to see a match. This 8,000 seat arena has been dubbed, “louder than a 757 from nearby Newark.” The RAC is definitely one of the toughest college wrestling arenas in the nation for opponents. More Info

rutgers traditions

The Entrance

The lights go out.  The intro video rolls.  The bass of the intro song hits and the team runs out of the tunnel onto the mat.


As the team makes their way to their bench, the lights stay out. Red Smoke and screaming fans fill the arena. Each wrestler is intro’d weight class by weight class, followed by Head Coach Scott Goodale.  Time to grapple!

Intermission Entertainment

Wrestling at The RAC is more than just your average match. The halftime schedule will be released before the season begins!

The Knight Pulse

The Knight Pulse tradition was born in 2015 at Rutgers Football games and has become a staple at Rutgers wrestling matches as well. The fan hype video features the song “The Hum” by Dimitri Vega. Rutgers wrestlers pound their chest and that carries over to the fans. The Knight Pulse is also featured in big moments in-match.

The R-U Chant

The R-U Chant is a staple at all Rutgers home games. The fans divide themselves up into two sections. One side chants “RRR” and the other side responds with “UUU”.


During big moments in the match, fans join Coach Goodale and staff by yelling “TWO” after a two-point takedown.